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Hyperthermic Ozone and Carbonic Acid Transdermal Technology – a.k.a. HOCATT

Complete Description:

Our way of looking at health is based purely on the miracle that is your very own human body operating at the optimal level, in peak condition. A body that is working as it should be.

We strive for the kind of health that helps you to attain more in life. The kind of health that gives you more confidence, makes you more creative and more attractive making you faster and stronger, thereby, giving you more energy to perform better and in less time. This is what Signature Health is all about. This is what has driven the creation of the HOCATT™ (Hyperthermic Ozone and Carbonic Acid Transdermal Technology).

The HOCATT™ Is a Chamber Developed For Strategic Wellness and Healing

How does it do this? Using a combination of powerful modalities that detoxes the body, improves circulation, supports the immune system, and boosts energy down to the cellular level.

HOCATT™ Platinum Modalities Includes:

  • Ozone / H2O2
  • Carbonic Acid / H2CO3
  • Whole Body Hyperthermia (WBH)
  • Steam Sauna
  • Far Infrared (FIR)
  • Pure Oxygen Breathing
  • Electrotherapy – Frequency Specific Micro-Currents
  • Aromatherapy
  • Photon Light with Color Spectrum
  • PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field)


Why is the HOCATT™ Better?

HOCATT™ provides a collective response, and better results:  the important thing to remember is that the body is a system that is made up of multiple systems. So in your body, things don’t happen in isolation. When you get sick, there is often a cascade of effects. Conventional allopathic medicine mainly focuses on dealing with symptoms and treating problems individually, leaving the other body systems unattended. Treating the symptoms of an illness may give a temporary relief, but it ignores the potential effects on the rest of the body. Conventional allopathic treatments can also have serious side effects, so while trying to treat one problem you could end up with other concerns.

That’s why HOCATT™ takes the holistic approach using a combination of natural, but powerful modalities.  HOCATT™ is the only device that simultaneously works on all the major systems in the body, including immune, circulatory, nervous, lymph, digestion, muscular, skeletal, endocrine, and more.  HOCATT™ modalities energize the body for immediate healing, repairing, and recovery.

The individual modalities used in the HOCATT™ have been carefully chosen through extensive scientific research. Individually they are powerful, but combined have a synergistic effect. This is why HOCATT™ technology has tremendous value.

Other technologies such as hyperbaric chambers, autohaemo-ozone (ATH), and even conventional ozone saunas are fantastic in their own right, but they won’t give the collective responses that your body needs. It is actually quite unfair to compare them with the powerhouse combination of modalities that the HOCATT has to offer.

Some individuals have an aversion to needles or have received too much IV therapy resulting in collapsed veins. There is nothing invasive with the HOCATT™ and could be the solution you have been waiting for.

Hyperthermia, Ozone sauna (transdermal ozone H2O2) Far Infrared, Carbonic Acid/H2CO3, Frequency Specific Micro-Currents and Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields are perhaps the most powerful way to simultaneously oxygenate and detox the body. Unlike ATH, transdermal ozone skips over some of the metabolic pathways and blood barriers.  When ozone mixes with steam it is already converted into a form that the body can use (H2O2). It is also one of the best ways to get ozone into the lymph system. A healthy lymphatic system is one of the most integral parts to detox and provides healing. The skin is the largest organ for elimination, so by sweating toxins out during an ozone sauna, the kidneys and liver are spared the extra work.

While most individuals can receive all the modalities of the HOCATT™, some individuals respond differently. What works for one person might not work for another. So what if you don’t respond to one of the individual modalities? Not a problem!

HOCATT™ allows for individual accommodations and preferences. You can choose all the modalities at once, or eliminate the ones that are contraindicated for your etiologies. At any time during the session, you can change the programming, increase or decrease the temperature to suit your comfort levels, or pause/stop the session completely.

HOCATT™ technology gives you more time, and not just in terms of health and longevity, but literally more time in your day. If you had to do all of the modalities individually, not only would you miss out on the collective benefits, but it would take hours to get through them.  Hours that could instead be spent living life to the fullest.

Whether you’re ill, an athlete looking to boost performance, or just a healthy person concerned with prevention or looking to get healthier and detox your system, the HOCATT™ will benefit you.  You don’t have to be sick to receive benefits.  There is nothing else on the market that can deliver what the HOCATT™ does.

How Does HOCATT™ Technology Work?

After sitting comfortably in the HOCATT™ chamber, the chamber doors are closed to cover your body, while your head remains outside.  A nasal cannula (or special oxygen jet) is placed for breathing pure humidified oxygen throughout the session – this is to ensure enhanced oxygen saturation in the blood, and also provides a pure oxygen breathing, like a good cardio workout, but without the stress on your joints. Breathing pure oxygen boosts energy and endurance, burns more calories, increases blood oxygen levels, and makes you feel good!

Throughout the session, Photo Light Color Spectrum rays fill the chamber and are absorbed by the skin as they reflect from the steam and the ultra-reflective chamber walls of the HOCATT™.  Photo Light with Color Spectrum provides the body with soothing, relaxing, balancing and energizing rays.  You may also add aromatic leaves or oils to be infused during the session through the specialized steam jet.

During the entire 30-minute session, Steam and Far Infrared Rays (FIR) heat up the body with the intention of raising the core body temperature to rapidly induce an artificial fever (Whole Body Hyperthermia), which boosts the immune system. All bodily processes are enhanced at higher temperatures, including the activity of hormones, enzymes, protein signalers, and neurotransmitters. Keeping the body in a constant regenerative state helps the body to heal, and to stay healthy and energized. This also puts the body in an optimal state in which to receive the rest of the HOCATT™ modalities. The heat dilates the pores and enhances circulation, and this is further potentiated by the Carbonic Acid. The FIR rays penetrate deeply into the skin and subcutaneous tissue, relieving joint and muscle aches and pain while promoting the chelation of heavy metals from the body.

Many people are chronically stressed, in other words, they are constantly stressed and end up with burnout. This results in a long-term drain on the body because the sympathetic nervous system is continuously activated. The sympathetic nervous system is not supposed to dominate for prolonged periods, and our bodies can only rest and regenerate when the parasympathetic nervous system is dominant.

Receiving CA helps bring balance back to the autonomic nervous system, reducing stress and anxiety, and placing your body in an optimal state for healing. It naturally and without any side effects increases the uptake and delivery of oxygen at a cellular level (Bohr Effect).  This is why CA treatment enhances the effects of both ozone and the breathing of pure oxygen; it means that more of the pure oxygen inhaled can actually get absorbed into the tissues that need it!

For the first 3-8 minutes of the session, CO2 enters the chamber and is converted into carbonic acid (H2CO3) as it reacts with the steam.  The CA irrigates the skin and enters through the pores into the bloodstream and lymph system. The CA draws more blood to the surface of the skin, which enhances the effects of the ozone. CA has been shown to restore functionally closed capillaries, and because it is a well-known vasodilator (dilates the blood vessels) it is becoming an increasingly popular treatment for peripheral artery disease and ischemia. It has been shown to increase blood circulation by virtually up to 200%!

CA is one of the very few compounds that naturally reduce high blood pressure (hypertension). Furthermore, CA sedates the central nervous system, relieving tension and stress in the spine and muscles. It also sedates the sympathetic nervous system and stimulates parasympathetic nervous system activity.

The combination of hyperthermia and CA gives your cardiovascular system a passive workout, making HOCATT™ an excellent tool for the weak, elderly, quadriplegics and anyone who leads a sedentary lifestyle or has circulation issues. It is also a fat dissolving compound that also reduces stretch marks, cellulite, scars and fine wrinkles.

After the CA cycle is finished, the ozone cycle starts and continues for the rest of the session. The ozone reacts with the H2O (steam) to form sterilizing H2O2 on the surface of the skin. The Ozone is absorbed through the dilated pores and enters the bloodstream and lymph system. One of the main advantages of Ozone is that it stimulates the body’s natural antioxidant system, and boosts energy down to a cellular level. It also inactivates viruses and eliminates parasitic, bacterial and yeast/fungal infections. Ozone stimulates the immune system and promotes healing – it is especially successful in non-healing wounds and diabetic ulcers. Ozone also oxidizes toxins so the body can excrete them.  It reduces pain and inflammation and purifies the blood and lymph systems.

Ozone also gives the body more usable energy (ATP) by stimulating the Krebs cycle. Because of the carbonic acid pre-cycle, the absorption of Ozone H2O2 is enhanced up to 3x as much compared to normal ozone saunas! When the ozone cycle starts you may also elect to use a catheter for vaginal ozone insufflation, or cups/funnels (breast cupping) for the remainder of the session.

When the ozone is broken down in the chamber, ultraviolet rays are liberated. Ultraviolet rays play an important role in destroying pathogens on the skin – if there are any skin infections, they can be dealt with and controlled by ultraviolet radiation. The ultraviolet rays also promote the production of certain Vitamins, such as Vitamin D.

Electrotherapy (Frequency Specific Micro-currents) focus on a specific health issue within a selected program to fit your need. Frequency Specific Micro-Current programs stimulate the muscles, nervous system and cells through electrode foot pads.  This promotes the healing and regeneration of damaged tissues, relieves pain, destroys pathogens, and energizes the body.

In the HOCATT™, the effects of electrotherapy are enhanced exponentially and detox the body and chelates heavy metals because in the chamber you sweat out the toxins. Usually, the die-off (destroyed pathogens) have to be flushed out of the body through normal detox systems, (liver, kidneys, colon, skin, etc.).  This reduces the strain on the body’s natural detox.

HU=GO – PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field)

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field uses magnetic fields to heal and energize the body.  PEMF differs from other electrotherapies in that it is non-contact, which mean there are no electrodes or pads making direct contact with your body.  PEMF is not to be confused with frequency-specific micro-currents.  They are two different and separate modalities.

PEMF induces electrical changes within and around cells which influences the cell behavior.  This results in improved circulation and oxygenation, better transport of nutrients and more energy.  PEMF also accelerates the healing process by stimulating the body to repair damaged tissue, while significantly reducing pain.  PEMFs also induce reflexology and acupuncture-like actions in the body.

High intensity PEMFs induce a flood of electrons inside the body.  Free electrons serve as electrons, and thus can “terminate” free radicals which are known to speed up the aging process.  This makes high intensity PEMF an inherently anti-aging treatment.


The FDA has approved PEMF devices for the following:

  • Healing of non-union fractures
  • Treating urinary incontinence and muscle stimulation
  • Cervical fusion patients at high-risk of non-fusion
  • Treatment of depression and anxiety

The HOCATT™’s nine modalities delivered in one thirty minute session is what puts it light years ahead of conventional ozone saunas and other individual delivery systems.

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