Breathing Pure Oxygen

In the mid 1900’s a German researcher and applied physicist and inventor pioneered what is today known as Exercise with Oxygen or (EWO). Medical research and real case studies show the dramatic and unbelievable ways EWO has changed people’s lives by helping to practically halt age-associated diseases such as cardiovascular and arthritis.

As we age, our cells lose the ability to function in a normal state. Our cells are key in the body’s natural functions, digestion, reproduction, detoxification, elimination, hormone production, immune and neurological function and the body’s ability to repair itself. Our oxygen levels tend to decrease, so there is a slowdown of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) production. This decline in oxygen and ATP tend to cause the capillaries to swell reducing oxygen supply to the tissues.
Disease thrives in a body that has low oxygen intake. Being active aids the body in fighting disease and sickness and by adding high-quality oxygen the body will ward off disease and illness.

There is a connection between optimal mitochondrial function and overall cardiovascular health and aging. The way to decelerate the body’s deterioration is by obtaining and maintaining optimal aerobic ATP production throughout the aging process, by increasing oxygen levels and this will slow the aging process.


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