From Air Pollutant to Modern Day Miracle


Air Pollutant to Modern Day Medical Miracle

Professor Magda Havas (BSc, PhD) has opened up Pandora’s box… and uncovered a hidden world that has dramatically changed her views on ozone therapy – what started out as an article about the history of ozone and Tesla’s medical ozone machines, has become a comprehensive feature in Tesla Magazine!

This captivating read provides insight into the world of modern medical ozone: from ozone being vilified as an air pollutant, all the way to the safe and successful treatment of numerous ailments and illnesses. The HOCATT also makes a “cameo appearance”, so be on the lookout!

If you’ve been sceptical about ozone therapy, do yourself a favor and read this article. Because as Prof. Havas said:

“Incomplete information provided [about ozone] makes the media and the public frightened of using it as a therapy… [most people] have an incomplete understanding of the dual and somewhat paradoxical nature of ozone chemistry (just as I did).”

So go ahead and empower yourself, because this information could CHANGE your life! And if you’re already crazy about ozone, like me, you won’t regret giving this a read.

The Ozone Paradox
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What Is Ozone Therapy?


What is an Ozone Sauna?

Ozone saunas are saunas that also apply ozone gas to the skin for additional benefits. These can be wet or dry heat saunas. In Ozone Therapy, the ozone sauna falls under the umbrella of “transdermal ozone” along with cupping, bagging, etc.

Why should you try an ozone sauna?

By combining ozone and hyperthermia (heat), you get to enjoy the benefits of both in half the time! The intention of whole body hyperthermia is to raise the core body temperature to induce an artificial fever. Higher temperatures enhance all bodily processes, including the activity of hormones, enzymes, protein signalers and neurotransmitters. Hyperthermia puts the body in an optimal state in which to receive other therapies, such as ozone.

Wet vs dry heat ozone sauna

There are two main types of ozone saunas: (1) dry ozone saunas and (2) ozone steam saunas.

Dry heat technology (Far Infrared saunas)

These ozone saunas rely solely on the Far Infrared heaters to increase the temperature inside the chamber. The ozone breaks down in the chamber due to the heat and mixes with your sweat, forming ozone products which you then absorb through your skin. You get wooden box-style Far Infrared saunas and portable dome-style Far Infrared saunas that you can lie in horizontally.

Pros: Along with all the benefits of ozone and hyperthermia, you can also enjoy the numerous benefits of Far Infrared therapy! Far Infrared Rays (FIR) penetrate deeply into the skin and subcutaneous tissue, relieving joint and muscle aches and pains, energizing the body and promoting the chelation of heavy metals, just to name a few.

Cons: Sometimes you need to purchase the ozone generator separately, or it is included at an extra cost. Did we already mention that the ozone mixes with your own sweat? Yeah, ew.

Wet heat technology (steam saunas)

Ozone steam saunas use a steam generator to increase the temperature by filling the sauna with steam. The ozone breaks down and mixes with the steam to form the ozone products that your skin absorbs. You get ozone steam sauna tents, or more luxurious and durable cabinets made of hard plastics or fiberglass.

Pros: The ozone steam sauna is perhaps the most powerful way to simultaneously oxygenate and detoxify the body. The steam allows more of the oxygen and ozone products to penetrate your skin. It also makes it easier for your skin to excrete toxins when you sweat.

Cons: There is no Far Infrared, so you miss out on all those benefits.

Why Is Ozone So Important


Why Is Ozone So Important?

The human body runs off oxygen. In fact, a full 90% of the energy you produce is created through aerobic metabolism. If you are not getting enough oxygen, your body cannot produce enough energy.

Unfortunately, oxygen levels are decreasing dramatically. According to Robert Berner of Yale University, the air we breathe today is as much as 1/3 less oxygen-potent as when we first walked the Earth… dipping as little as 12% oxygen (compared to 30% – 35%) in major cities.

Quite simply, the body cannot heal, or function, properly without adequate oxygen. This is why professional athletes use hyperbaric chambers to speed healing times up to 3-4x faster after receiving an injury.

The HOCATT™ allows you to bring that same healing ability to your own patients, helping to introduce a variety of unique health benefits.

A Few Of The Benefits Your Patients Will Receive

Introducing fresh ozone into your patient’s blood begins a chain reaction of healing events that are noticeable immediately. This healing continues to compound, offering greater benefits with continued use.

Some of these benefits include…

  • Inactivates Viruses, Bacteria, Yeast, Fungi, Parasites and Protozoa
  • Stimulates Immune System, Speeds Healing
  • Cleans Arteries and Veins, Improving Circulation
  • Oxidizes Toxins, Facilitating their Excretion
  • Normalizes hormone and Enzyme Production
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Reduces Pain, Calm nerves
  • Improves Brain function and Memory
  • Scavenges Free Radicals

Here’s How Ozone Delivers These Benefits…

When a cell becomes stressed by physical or chemical shock or by viral, bacterial or fungal attack, its energy levels are reduced by the outflow of electrons and it becomes electropositive. Ozone possesses the third atom of oxygen which is electrophilic. In other words, ozone has a free radical electrical charge in the third atom of oxygen which seeks to balance itself electrically with other material with a corresponding unbalanced charge. Diseased cells, viruses, harmful bacteria and other pathogens carry such a charge and so attract ozone and its by-products.

When ozone is introduced into the blood, it reacts with these oxidizable substrates killing viruses, bacteria and fungi. Ozone disrupts the integrity of bacterial cell envelope through oxidation of the phospholipids and lipoproteins. It also damages viral capsid and upsets reproductive cycle by disrupting virus-to-cell contact with peroxidation.

In addition, the metabolic waste products of these organisms are oxidized and an oxygen rich environment is provided which healthy cells can thrive. Normal healthy cells can not react with ozone or its by-products as they possess a balanced electrical charge and strong enzyme system. Ozone targets only diseased cells and pathogens.

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