From Air Pollutant to Modern Day Miracle


Air Pollutant to Modern Day Medical Miracle

Professor Magda Havas (BSc, PhD) has opened up Pandora’s box… and uncovered a hidden world that has dramatically changed her views on ozone therapy – what started out as an article about the history of ozone and Tesla’s medical ozone machines, has become a comprehensive feature in Tesla Magazine!

This captivating read provides insight into the world of modern medical ozone: from ozone being vilified as an air pollutant, all the way to the safe and successful treatment of numerous ailments and illnesses. The HOCATT also makes a “cameo appearance”, so be on the lookout!

If you’ve been sceptical about ozone therapy, do yourself a favor and read this article. Because as Prof. Havas said:

“Incomplete information provided [about ozone] makes the media and the public frightened of using it as a therapy… [most people] have an incomplete understanding of the dual and somewhat paradoxical nature of ozone chemistry (just as I did).”

So go ahead and empower yourself, because this information could CHANGE your life! And if you’re already crazy about ozone, like me, you won’t regret giving this a read.

The Ozone Paradox
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